Refrigerated Products


API is pleased to provide select refrigerated Rx products. Similar to all API programs, this is designed to increase Member profitability. 


If you would like to participate, please contact your

territory manager for details. You can locate your local territory manager on the Your Local Contact Page. Due to the sensitive nature of shipping refrigerated items, there are specific parameters

that must be met.  





1. Order minimum of $250 of API refrigerated Rx products for Prepaid freight. Refrigerated orders less than $250 will incur a $26 freight charge.

  • Due to the limited amount of available SKUs and an order minimum of $250, API recommends you order multiple days’ supply.

  • Available only through 


2. To minimize temperature compromises, orders will not be processed on Fridays, one day prior to a “no-delivery” holiday or on days in which weather may hinder delivery.

3. Order deadlines remain unchanged for refrigerated items.

4. Upon receipt of the product, pharmacy must immediately:

  • Inspect the temperature logger accompanying the shipment for any excursions.

  • Identify product and quantities received for any discrepancies.


5. If any excursions or item discrepancies exist, pharmacy must call API immediately.

API has no way of determining whether products are stored in a suitable temperature environment therefore we will not accept any returns for refrigerated product. Please note refrigerated product is not available to pharmacies in Hawaii or Alaska.


Contact Customer Service 800-243-8521, option 4