What our members have to say....


"We are in business because of API.  The accountant brought in a profit and loss statement, and sales are down but gross profit percentage is up because of API."

~Sagar  -Stockton, CA



"As MC Hammer would sing “Can’t Touch This” is how API has helped my business. I fired a wholesaler back in November of 2013 after 41 years and chose the Cardinal/API deal. Why? because of a 200K savings both in rebates and cost of goods per year. Most of the savings comes directly from API Warehouse buying of generic drugs. With API, I am getting a 32% rebate on all generics with an even greater off invoice pricing than the competition. Adding in the yearly incentive rebate along with the Patronage Dividend and Trade Show Rebates from API, I am getting an additional 65-70K. This brings my average rebates up to approx. 40% for all generic purchases from API!!!"